The Final Box is LIVE

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Hey guys,
My latest anthology The Final Box, is now available to buy on Kindle Store


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Hey guys. My latest anthology The Final Box, is now available for pre-order on the Kindle store worldwide.
The actual release date is 18th May 2015.

The Final Box

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This is my first blog in a while. I have been busy with other ventures but now I am back to writing again.
Above is the cover of my latest (and last) short story anthology. This will be available on the Kindle store on 18th May, which is also my birthday.
I will be back to using WordPress again as often as possible.

Twist In The Tale

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I would like to announce that my new ebook, IN Sanity is now live on Amazon


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It has been a while since i last posted on here. This is partly because of work commitments and also because i have been busy working on my new anthology.
The new book will hopefully be ready for the end of this month. It is darker than my previous ebook and has longer stories. I will post a link when it becomes live.

I am also looking into printed copies of my books through CreateSpace. I have no idea how the process works until i look into it properly so i will keep you posted on that as well.
If anyone can give me tips on that it will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading.
Until next time


Shameless Advertisement

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This post is my first shameless plug of my first ebook.
Published on the Kindle store at the beginning of December, it consists of 8  short stories each with an unexpected ending.
Any reviews would be appreciated and i will be happy to return the favour.



Thanks guys. See you soon

A Little Problem Called Doubt

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I have struggled recently
Both self-doubt and lack of inspiration have raised their heads. I have suffered self doubt before, but this one was big. I worked my way through my mountains of notes and half-finished manuscripts with every intention of throwing the bloody lot of them into the bin.
Then something happened. I found an old comment from my mother that she had written just after Twist In The Tale went live on Amazon. I won’t go into to much detail with what she said but, it basically said how proud she was of me. Doesn’t sound much right? Well, if you knew my mother you would know how difficult it is for my mum to show how she feels, so it meant the world to me for her to say that. I freely admit to shedding a tear.

So, after the episode with the confidence demon, i set about finding story ideas.

Now, every writer new or old, knows how difficult it can be to find inspiration and time.  Different  factors can block you, work, family etc. I am the same. I work  nights in a nursing home and i am often to tired to write, especially after a   twelve hour shift.

So i came up with a plan to keep me productive until ideas hit me again.  That plan? To write, of course.

I mentioned earlier that i had loads of unfinished notes around,well, those are now the centre of my attention. I learnt a valuable lesson these past few weeks, that is to Write when it seems like there is nothing to write.

There is always something.

Welcome to my blog

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This blog has been a long time coming for me. I have put it off until such a time that it needs to be done.
Social network is an important part of any writers life, whether they are new to writing or old seasoned professionals.
I fall into the ‘new’ section, i have a facebook author page and a twitter account but, as i look to build up a fan base and get to talk to other writers, i realised that i need to find a way to connect more.
So here i am, joined the world of blogging.
Let me tell you all about myself, i am 28 years old and live in the uk. I have just celebrated my first wedding anniversary and i have no children. I have been writing casually for around 9 months and made it a resolution to write more seriously this year.
I write a mix of things really, short stories for both adults and children. I have had a child’s Christmas book printed off and i have recently had a anthology published on Amazon’s kindle store available worldwide ( first shameless plug) called Twist In The Tale.
This is,hopefully, the first of many to come.
I currently have a few projects in the pipe-line including, 2 novels (one for adults and one for YA). I am still to find my niche.

Thank you for reading my first post. I look forward to posting again in the near future.
Take care guys

Matthew Williams